Meet The Team

Gentry White

Marketing Coordinator
Nickname: Genture with Venture
Drivers go the extra mile to make me smile and laugh every day. They make my role at Venture dynamic and fun.

Conner Bane

Recruiting Manager
Nickname: The New Guy
Being the new guy, I love being forced by Sue to bring donuts every Tuesday for the team!

Christine Nolen

Nickname: No Nonsense Nolen
I appreciate drivers because they are the reason why I can have all the things I need.

Amanda Austin

Nickname: Pinball
What I like most about Venture drivers is their ability to make me laugh on a daily basis.

Morgan Tinsley

Nickname: MorGONNA have a good day
I appreciate the opportunity to learn about and connect with each driver that comes through the Indy Orientation. I get to learn about their hobbies, their families, what makes them who they are.

Luann Sauer

Nickname: Sweet & Sauer
I appreciate Venture drivers because they are hard workers who consistently sacrifice their family time to keep our economy stable.

Robin Wood

Nickname: I’ve Got A Guy
I appreciate drivers because they sacrifice time with their friends and families to keep America alive.

Sue HIcks

Nickname: The Mother Trucker
I appreciate drivers because they positively influence so many aspects of my life, beyond work.

Levi Long

Nickname: Long Game Levi
I appreciate drivers because they never cease to give me a smile, bring great energy to the team, and keep me motivated in my job.

Linda Miracle

Recruiter (Weekend Coverage)
Nickname: Miracle Whip
I appreciate our drivers, but more importantly I am excited for them to work for us. As a person who has previously driven professionally, I know a good, respectful company when I see one. Drivers can find that here Venture.

Chad Honeycutt

Driver Retention Specialist
Nickname: Honey – cutt to the chase
I appreciate Venture drivers because they are the backbone of American economy.