Advantages of Company Drivers vs Owner Operators

Post Date - Mar 12, 2022

The trucking industry offers several paths to success for truck drivers. How do professional truckers choose between careers as Company Drivers vs Owner Operators? Many drivers dream of owning their own truck, but independence comes with a lot of risks and expenses. Most Owner Operators are responsible for covering their own fuel, insurance, truck payments, maintenance, tires, and other expenses, so the lucrative gross settlements get whittled down quickly. There’s no single career path that’s best for everyone, but we happen to believe that Company Driver jobs at Venture Transport offer a work-life balance that’s second to none!

Here are just a few of the reasons to work as a Company Driver instead of becoming an Owner Operator:

Get to know the industry as a Company Driver.

Have you just recently gotten your CDL? Even if you have the cash for a down payment on your own truck, new drivers benefit from experiencing the trucking lifestyle firsthand. Use your first couple of years to learn more about the industry and your own preferences, whether you’re better suited to OTR or local driving. How much do you know about the types of freight that come with dry van and open deck trailers? Make sure you know what you’re getting into and find your niche within the industry.

Invest in your family with a stable income.

Plenty of Owner Operators make a steady income, but that income fluctuates unpredictably with the freight market and costs like fuel and maintenance. By comparison, Company Drivers can often predict about how much they’re likely to earn next month or next year. Company Drivers can use their surplus income to save towards their own truck, but many choose to invest their savings elsewhere, like buying a home or education for their kids.

With hard times or a couple of unlucky breaks, an Owner Operator can end up bankrupt. Smaller clients might struggle to pay on time, or a breakdown can lead to a loss of income and your own missed payments. Resilient contractors will save for an emergency fund, but higher earnings pretty much always come with added risks.

Enjoy company benefits like insurance.

Venture Transport offers a great benefits package. Many Owner Operators either end up overpaying for health insurance or going without coverage. Without coverage, it’s more tempting to skip checkups and ignore significant medical symptoms. You’ve got to stay healthy as a truck driver, not just to make sure you can keep passing the DOT physicals but also to enjoy more years with the people back home.

Keep things simple and avoid taking work home.

Some entrepreneurs love crunching numbers and balancing budgets. Owner Operators need to manage a lot more than the pickup and delivery of freight. Would you enjoy running your own business as an entrepreneur? It’s hard to beat the peace of mind that comes with clocking out for the weekend. Our Company Drivers are innovative problem solvers, and their feedback constantly helps us improve our systems, but we also work hard to support them on the road.

Work with a great team instead of independently.

As veteran truck drivers know first hand, there’s something meaningful about being part of something bigger than yourself. Company Drivers have the support of their fellow drivers and the whole office staff. If you have a major family emergency while on the road, our team can work to find a solution. Owner Operators have to make harder choices when there’s nobody else to cover a shipment.

Company Drivers are always in demand.

You’ve got lots of options as a Company Driver. Venture Transport has different lanes and types of positions, whether you want to be home daily or weekly. A lot of truckers become Owner Operators because they aren’t satisfied with their situation and income as Company Drivers, but Venture Transport offers great pay and respect. If you don’t feel appreciated at your current trucking company, check out the current job openings in our fleet.

Company Drivers vs Owner Operators – What’s Right for You?

Your career has to match your needs and priorities. There’s no single path that’s best for everyone. Family commitments and other life circumstances can change with time. The country could use more professional truck drivers, whether as Company Drivers or Owner Operators. Whatever path you end up choosing, please continue to stay safe out there.