Creativity Around the Office

Post Date - Feb 28, 2022

The two words “creativity” and “trucking” don’t get put together very often. Usually, creativity is associated with intricate designs or colorful paintings, but the supply chain and transportation are more down-to-earth, right? To put it another way, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet probably wouldn’t have been happier as truck drivers instead of painters. Then again, if there is one thing that we know about trucking, it’s that it will surprise you in the most unanticipated ways. J.D. Dunlap and Tony Delane Morris are just two examples of truck drivers who also produce artwork. In the day-to-day operations of a trucking company and problem-solving on the road, creativity plays a bigger role than you might expect.

Thinking Outside of the Box for Logistics

Creativity is an all-encompassing term for anything built from the mind. Of course, creativity isn’t just about beautiful works of art or sculptures. The minds of the operations floor include some truly creative problem solvers. Intricate details of loads, knowing delivery and pickup times, what drivers are available when, where trucks are and when, and all while managing the inevitable situations that pop up requires powerful brains (and computer software). Logistics was not built by or for the weak. If you have ever driven a brokered load home or had to pick up a driver broke down in the middle of nowhere, you are fully aware of the complications that come with so many moving parts. Trucking requires a huge amount of creative power, adapting to the unexpected.

Creative and Innovative Truck Drivers

Drivers are not robots and never have been. Many trucking companies believe in “butts in seats”, but the truth is that the brain behind the wheel can construct maps, throw in a fuel stop, and deliver the load on time faster than we can hand over the keys. When challenges arise, professional truck drivers use an accumulation of experience, determination, grit, and a learning mind.

The community of truck drivers includes folks from all walks of life. Venture Transport is proud to employ several military veteran truck drivers, and the industry has a growing number of women. With the wide range of personalities, it’s not surprising that many truck drivers have creative talents. Past generations of truck drivers went on to become musicians or Hollywood celebrities. The Venture Transport fleet even includes a standup comic! Creativity comes in many forms.

Creative Company Culture

In the headquarters office, we like to spark employee motivation with creative and colorful tasks and inspirational whiteboards. Sometimes, just a touch of creativity can give a fresh perspective and bring passion back into our mindsets. This year, drivers in orientation are encouraged to guess which artists inspired the murals outlining their 2 days of onboarding. To keep things exciting, the driver who guesses correctly might win a Venture-branded beanie. Recently, January was all about Van Gogh and February, Monet. Next, we will see where March takes us!