Give Anonymous Feedback with WorkHound

Post Date - Nov 10, 2021

Your comments and insights can help make Venture Transport a better place to work! We’re excited about the great people already working with our team, both in the office and behind the wheel. If you’ve got a problem and you want to report it anonymously, Venture has partnered with WorkHound to collect and manage anonymous employee feedback.

Why Use WorkHound?

Sure, we could just collect papers in a suggestion box at headquarters, but WorkHound is great because the third-party company allows for true anonymity and two-way communication. You can get updates when your concerns are actually addressed by Venture. If we need more information in order to resolve your situation, then we can have WorkHound relay the message.

How Does It Work?

You can complete the initial WorkHound survey by texting “48714.” You’ll be able to rate your overall satisfaction with Venture and share any real-time feedback. Once you’re registered with the system, you may get a weekly check-in to see if you have any new issues or concerns. It’s easy to forget the little problems, but we want to make sure that we’re pro-actively improving the experience of drivers across the fleet.

What Happens with your Anonymous Employee Feedback?

WorkHound anonymously relays your feedback and comments to Venture. You’ll get updates when someone at Venture has read the comment, and you will also get updates on how the problem is addressed. If it’s a personal problem that requires direct communication, WorkHound will ask whether you want to share your identity and contact information. You’ll be able to choose whether you want your feedback to remain completely anonymous.

If you would like to learn more, you can check out the WorkHound FAQs page. You can also contact Todd Weddle at or call Todd at 317-919-9580. The WorkHound team is available at

Let’s make Venture an even better place to work!