Supporting Women Truck Drivers

Post Date - Feb 11, 2022

Venture Transport proudly supports women truck drivers. Back in 2021, Bloomberg Businessweek reported on the growing number of women in the trucking industry. They found that women drivers continue to face additional challenges. At Venture Transport, we empower everyone to achieve a successful career. With great benefits and great home time, we want to make sure that all of our Company Drivers get to enjoy the results of their hard work.

Women In Trucking

The Women In Trucking (WIT) Association is a non-profit that promotes gender diversity throughout the logistics industry. They work to encourage employment, address obstacles, and celebrate success. Several women from Venture Transport attended this WIT conference in 2021, “Redefining the Road”, and many are members of the association. The Women In Trucking website has several resources for drivers and internal employees seeking inspiration, support, or simply common-ground with other women in a male-dominated industry.

Balancing Work and Family

For parents who have little ones or need to stay close to home, more than 65% of Company Drivers are home daily with Venture Transport. Many of our regional positions get home once or twice a week. Trucking is historically unpredictable, but you don’t need to compromise your family or your high-earning career with us. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Women In Trucking Association, you can find resources to help guide a working mother in logistics on their website or through webinars.

Girl Scouts and Future Generations of Truck Drivers

Venture Transport proudly worked together with Girl Scout Troop 1055 to inspire the next generation of truckers. Women In Trucking has developed a merit badge program for Girl Scouts learning about transportation and logistics. ”Scouting For Cookies” is a coloring and activity book by WIT. Word searches and other activities explain the whole supply chain for cookies, from farmers to consumers!

Blazing a Path to Success

Getting a CDL is only one step on the journey to success in the trucking industry. Venture Transport equips Company Drivers with benefits that make a real difference, including our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Known casually as self-improvement credits, the EAP covers five visits for a wide range of assistance programs. You can get help with financial planning, counseling, health and wellness, or several other types of programs. The great pay and benefits provide security for now, but are you saving toward your long-term goals? Where do you hope to see yourself in ten or fifteen years?

Careers in Transportation and Logistics

It’s hard to beat the power of driving a commercial truck, but several women at Venture Transport have found their place in the office team at headquarters. The support team understands the types of challenges that women truck drivers face on the road. As a growing company, Venture Transport is a great place to grow your career, especially for drivers.

Most of our drivers get home every day, but make no mistake—Venture Transport is here for the “long haul” when supporting the careers of team members. You can use the EAP credits to pick up new skills. Learn about the wide range of opportunities across the fleet. Advance to new positions within the company or transfer to a schedule that better suits your future needs.

Jobs for Women Truck Drivers

Looking for a trucking company that supports women drivers? Search for current CDL jobs at Venture Transport. We have a range of local and regional positions across the fleet. We’re also a pet-friendly company with great benefits.