Top 10 Signs You Might be an Indy Truck Driver

Post Date - Mar 14, 2022

Headquartered here in #ColtsCountry, local Indianapolis truck drivers play a big role at Venture Transport. Our fleet includes hard-working professionals across the country, but there’s something special about this part of the Midwest. With a nod to Jeff Foxworthy, here are a few familiar signs that “You might be an Indy Driver If…”

1. You’ve repeated jokes from the OneAmerica Sign

Dating back to 1958 and a company President with a sense of humor, puns on the OneAmerica sign brighten the day of Indy’s downtown commuters. With new jokes every week, past highlights include “Bring me a rubber band and make it snappy,” and “Leaves falling off trees is autumn-atic.”

2. You know where to get a good Hoosier tenderloin

A breaded and deep-fried pork sandwich may not be the best sandwich choice for staying healthy. We could try to tell you where to get the best Hoosier tenderloin in town, but that might start a fight at headquarters.

3. You brag to out-of-towners about our potholes.

Local truck drivers don’t really need the “Welcome to Indianapolis” signs. Want to check whether you’re within city limits? Just watch for the car ahead to bottom out and bounce over potholes.

4. You believe summer starts the first day it’s 50 degrees outside.

Have you found yourself wearing shorts in the snow? On purpose? Indianapolis summers tend to include a lot of drizzly and muggy days, so we make the most of weather that friends down south might still define as winter. The office team at headquarters includes some big brains and more than a couple of pairs of cold knees.

5. You keep shorts and snow pants in your truck to stay prepared for Indy weather.

Shorts are okay for a “warm” snow day, but you never know what to expect in 12 hours (or sometimes 20 minutes). It’s a good idea to keep bad weather gear in your vehicle. More often than you’d expect, it pays to be prepared for ice and snow.

6. You can see a cornfield from your house.

A lot of Venture Transport drivers live outside of the city. If you don’t live within sight of a cornfield, then you probably have friends or family who do. Especially if you’re coming back from a long trip, there’s something about driving through cornfields that feels like coming home.

7. You’ve ever listened to the Colts lose over the radio.

Our town might be famous for the Indy 500, but most Indianapolis truck drivers can tell you more about their triumphs and frustrations as Colts fans.

We’ll never stop rooting for the Colts. And please don’t talk to us about Tom Brady

8. You grew up with Indiana basketball.

More of a statewide Hoosiers thing than an Indianapolis obsession. Gene Hackman’s movie about a small-town team captures part of how it feels to grow up in Indiana, even if you never played for a rural high school.

9. You know where to expect bike crossings.

The Indianapolis Culture Trail has eight miles of bike and pedestrian paths looping around downtown. If you aren’t from the area, then you may find your vehicle blocking some angry cyclists.

10. Your “other” ride is a tractor.

With all the cornfields, there’s a silly stereotype about everyone in Indiana driving tractors. Well, it’s silly, but it’s not 100% wrong, at least if you’re talking about rural Indiana. Since the whole fleet at Venture Transport is tractor-trailers, we’re kinda cheating on this one, but you really should have expected a “corny” pun sooner or later.

Other Stereotypes About Indianapolis Truck Drivers?

Did we miss any of your favorite Indianapolis stereotypes? Full disclosure, we got some inspiration from an article on and a prickly response published on back in 2014. There were also a couple of good ones on in 2017. If you think of a good one that we should add, please contact us.