Trucking Company Business Analyst

Post Date - Feb 25, 2022

After graduating from Hanover College in Indiana, Eli Copner came to Venture Transport headquarters in July of 2021. From dispatching drivers to troubleshooting software, Eli developed several new skills as a trucking company Business Analyst. “I wanted to work for a really renowned company,” Eli explained, “I got introduced to Venture, and I knew their story and their influence in the transportation industry, and so I joined because I wanted to be challenged.”

From Indianapolis to Hanover and Back Again

In our conversation at headquarters, Eli said, “I was born here in Indianapolis, and I grew up in the area.” At Hanover College, Eli got to experience life in a smaller community. “Down in southeastern Indiana, not too many people have any idea where Hannover is,” he said. While completing his studies in Business and Biology, he worked as an RA and an assistant with the Athletic Department as well as other jobs. Returning to Indianapolis brought Eli back in touch with childhood friends and local church connections.

Indianapolis Careers After College

When you visit the headquarters office, you’ll probably find Eli at the window. “I love it here. I love the office atmosphere,” he said. Meeting and greeting drivers gives him a better understanding of the day-to-day operations and concerns of drivers. Hired on as a Business Analyst, Eli ended up wearing several different hats in transportation and logistics.

“Initially, I was involved in a couple of different projects,” he explained. The trailer report project evolved into a process to improve communication with drivers. Software integration on the trucks provided a way to streamline the process, helping drivers better understand “where they’re going and what they’re doing” with each shipper. Because of his hands-on role with explaining the software, “I was involved in the onboarding team, teaching the people in that class, and so that was a lot of fun.”

Everyone in the office ends up supporting drivers, some more directly than others. “Right now, I have a couple of drivers that I dispatch. I’m still involved on the software side, and then I’m on the spot freight and backhaul team,” Eli said. With spot freight and backhauls, the team works hard to get drivers back in the right area for their home time.

Advice for Trucking Industry Jobs

For anyone thinking about becoming an intern at Venture Transport, Eli offered some simple advice, to just “be patient. There’s going to be a lot to learn.” Like starting any new job, you’ll need flexibility and problem-solving skills. If you’re coming aboard with a Company Driver job, then Eli emphasizes the importance of communication as well as flexibility. For drivers who are open to new opportunities, the Venture Transportation fleet includes a wide range of positions with consistent home time and sometimes dedicated customers.

If you’re looking to make friends with the guy at the window, then you should know that red Starbursts are Eli’s favorite candy. Actually, he’s pretty easy to get along with, whether you want to chat about sports or local Indianapolis events. In addition to building his professional skillset, Eli’s biggest motivations relate back to his family. He wants to make his family proud and become a better brother to his three younger siblings. He’s also working on becoming a better person and living out his faith every day. Compared to that list of goals for self-improvement, logistical software integration doesn’t sound too tough.

Thank you, Eli, for your great attitude and everything you bring to the team at Venture Transport!