Trucking Jobs for Veterans

Post Date - Feb 9, 2022

Looking for a career after the military? Venture Transport is proud to offer high-paying trucking jobs for veterans. Getting your CDL is a great way to get a fresh start and earn great pay without spending years working your way up some corporate ladder. Get a feel for the transportation industry as a Company Driver without locking yourself into truck payments or other big commitments. We’re proud to have a few veterans among the great drivers at Venture Transport

Take the Time You Need

When you return from deployment overseas, home may not feel quite the same. If your family and friends haven’t served, then you may need a little space to collect your thoughts. The fleet at Venture Transport includes a range of Local and OTR Regional Trucking jobs. A majority of our drivers return home daily, but others return home once a week. It’s good to find a balance that works for you, maintaining those long-term relationships without trying to “turn back the clock.”

Retool for a New Career

Many service members gain useful professional skills and training in the military. The trucking industry has a long history of recruiting veterans because truckers have to be trusted with each delivery. If you gained truck driving experience in the military, then you may be eligible for the Military Skills Test Waiver Program with the FMCSA. Veterans need at least two years of recent experience operating heavy military vehicles. A number of CDL schools also accept the GI Bill, but you’ll have to compare programs carefully.

Plan Your Next Move

Long drives provide plenty of time to think, although many drivers fill the time with music and podcasts. You may want to become an Owner Operator or break into a completely different industry. Either way, a Company Driver job allows you to save up some capital. Venture Transport’s Driver Improvement Program provides additional support. Get reimbursed for special training, legal advice, counseling, and other helpful programs. Talk to a recruiter for details.

Take Care of Your Health

It’s true that some truck drivers find themselves gaining weight on the road. The change is tough if you’re leaving behind a physically active job on your feet. Fortunately for you, veterans have an advantage over most civilians when it comes to fitness. Even if you haven’t done regular PT in a while, you still remember a lot of bodyweight exercises and routines. Set small and realistic goals for yourself, and make exercise a routine. Mental health can be trickier, but make sure you’re checking in regularly with friends, and maybe trying some counseling. There’s nothing wrong with getting help.

Beyond Trucking Jobs for Veterans posted the results of a survey about the best jobs and industries for vets. Healthcare, Education, and Information Technology are popular, but they can be intimidating without prior training. Government jobs and Defense Contracting are good if you have the right connections. Veterans are able to apply for federal jobs without competing with the general public. Law enforcement, manufacturing, and retail are also popular. We may be biased on this subject, but trucking is easily one of the best careers after the military. Get behind the wheel for a few years and save up for your next move.