Venture Driver Retention Specialist

Post Date - Jan 26, 2022

As the Driver Retention Specialist at Venture Transport, Chad Honeycutt has his job ‘cut’ out for him. Chad started at Venture in 2021, bringing four years of logistics experience in different roles, from Customer Service to Sales. When Company Drivers are having a bad day, maybe even thinking about quitting, Chad gets to address their problems and turn their day around. Fortunately, Venture Transport is a company where drivers are valued, and the whole team works to support drivers with consistent home time, real benefits, and great pay.

Problem-Solving Careers in Trucking

Between the juggling act of nationwide logistics and unpredictable realities on the road, it’s inevitable that professional truck drivers are going to run into problems sooner or later. Depending on the problem, Chad is one of several people in the office ready to help. Three big parts of his job responsibilities are listening, relationship building, and problem solving. With a growing fleet like Venture Transport’s—currently around a thousand drivers—it’s a safe bet that someone is having a bad day. Driver retention is a year-round responsibility. From road closures to miscommunication, it’s easy to get frustrated, but Chad works hard to make the connections that can make things right.

Getting Started with Driver Retention

Chad first made his way to Venture Transport through LinkedIn. He brought a databased skillset and industry knowledge. Compared to other companies, Chad enjoys the “less-corporate” atmosphere of our growing company. Chad describes Venture Transport as a “fun, laid-back place where teamwork is at the forefront.” More than reacting to problems, Chad develops strategies to “Enhance the Driver Experience,” making drivers more successful and comfortable here. The company culture at Venture Transport values and supports drivers, but not all drivers are aware of the benefits and resources available.

Motivational Perspective for the Trucking Industry

Even when things don’t happen according to plan, you can usually find an opportunity to make things better. One of Chad’s favorite quotes is just the word “Good,” as Jocko Willink uses the idea to encapsulate a whole philosophy for responding to adversity. As Chad explains the quote, “Bad things happen. Grow. Get better. Improve. Succeed at something else. If the path does not lead you forward, it is not the path for you.” Even when circumstances are objectively bad, there’s usually an opportunity to learn and improve.

Thinking About Quitting? Call Chad First

Every day of the week, Chad helps drivers succeed here at Venture Transport. CDL drivers are always in high demand, and many drivers have the freedom to choose any company in logistics. Driver Retention Specialist Chad is one of the many reasons that drivers continue to choose Venture. Are you currently a Company Driver with Venture Transport? Chad wants to say, “If you get pissed off, don’t quit. Call me. We’ll figure it out.”