Venture Transport Driver Spotlight: December

Post Date - Dec 31, 2021

For December’s Driver Spotlight, we’re featuring Sonny C.! Sonny was nominated for this month’s driver spotlight simply due to his dedication to making people smile. Before driving a truck, Sonny captivated audiences by doing standup comedy, singing, and performing fantastic impressions of Forest Gump & Elvis. Sonny moved into trucking “by accident” after deciding it was time he got paid for all the traveling he’d been doing across the country. Today, he spends his days imparting wisdom over the CB radio and keeping others in the industry laughing.

Perks of a Career in Trucking

Sonny C said that he thanks Venture for the freedom and consistency the company brought to his life. Thanks to trucking, he can keep his favorite audience entertained, his grandkids with toys, and amusement park trips. As far as staying entertained on the road, the most frequent (and possibly questionable) method is talking to himself. I like to think he’s just practicing for the next time he needs to step into some “Blue Suede Shoes”.

Advice for New Truck Drivers

The advice he gives to new drivers is simple, “Just drive the truck; do what you need to do and don’t overthink it.” On a more specific note, he added, “Always put your blinkers on when backing up and remember there is NO speed limit for slow.” Unfortunately, lot of people overwork themselves and forget what’s important in pursuit of more and more financial success, but Sonny’s down-to-earth perspective on success is just that “It ain’t that serious.” As he said during our interview, Sonny believes, “Great people work to improve themselves. Well dang, how hard can it be to succeed (if that’s all you gotta do).”

It’s a Pleasure Talking to Sonny

If you are ever on the road in need of some joy or motivation to stay in trucking, give Sonny a call. On a different note, he knows all the amusement parks in the country backward and forwards, so if you’re planning a trip, you might call Sonny for that too. It truly was a bit of sunshine talking to Sonny. Thank you for your dedication to the industry, to Venture, and to brightening the days of the people around you. It was a joy to speak with you, Sonny. Stay safe and keep doing you!