Venture Transport Driver Spotlight: February

Post Date - Feb 25, 2022

Our February Driver Spotlight is Christy H., a brand new truck driver at Venture Transport! The team at headquarters works hard to make Orientation interesting and engaging, and Christy approved, saying “I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.” Although she’s new to the company, Christy has been in the industry for about 8 years. Her family history with trucking goes back even further.

A Truck Driving Family

“I guess I was born into it,” Christy explained, “My dad drove, and my aunts worked in dispatch.” Now, Christy is a mother and grandmother with two grandkids. She’s currently able to Facetime while away, but she expects to transition to a local home daily position soon.

“Once it gets into your blood, trucking will always be there, no matter what.”
—Christy H.

Benefits of Home Daily Trucking

Returning home daily is important to Christy, a priority she shares with many other drivers at Venture Transport. She’s saving up and building her own home, and great pay will help her make that major investment. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t here for the money!” she said.

Advancing in the Industry

The team at Venture Transport includes some professional women in a wide range of roles. Christy wanted to do more than follow her aunts with a career in dispatch. Describing her choice to become a driver, she said, “I do this to show that women can do this job. It’s empowering.”

Applying for Company Driver Jobs

Although Christy is down to earth about her financial motivation, she also sees trucking as part of something bigger, in fact, it’s “pursuing a passion that I’ve had for quite some time.” OTR and home daily trucking both provide important services for consumers across the country. The work is meaningful as well as lucrative. If you’re thinking about applying for a Company Driver job, Christy wants to say, “What are you waiting on? Come on! These people have been really cool.”