Venture Transport Driver Spotlight: May-July

Post Date - Nov 10, 2021

Driver Spotlights are a chance to shine a light on some of the most successful, talented, kind, and joyful drivers that partner with Venture. We post monthly about their successes, best qualities, tenure, and outstanding reviews submitted from the Venture team. For the months of May, June, and July, we’d like to recognize the Spotlight drivers Wes, Justin & Doug, Tomaline, and Jeff below!


Venture Transport is honored to spotlight Wes H. as an exceptional Venture employee for the month of May! Wes H. has been an employee with Venture Transport in Florida since 2017. He has been nominated for this award due to his meticulous work ethic, excellent leadership skills, and overall versatility throughout his position. Wes drives, trains, road tests, and happily prepares the team in Florida every day! Wes enjoys visiting nearby beaches on weekends off and visiting the movie theaters since they newly reopened. Unlike his most recently watched movie, Fast and the Furious 5, Wes advises every new driver to take their time when driving to avoid mistakes. He tells everyone if they’re second guessing whether they did something, they should second check no matter what to ensure their safety!

Venture Transport is incredibly fortunate to have such a talented individual leading others down in Florida. We are grateful for Wes and everything he does for the team!

Doug & Justin

In honor of Father’s Day weekend, Venture would like to recognize a wonderful Father-Son Driving Team! Doug D.(father) and Justin D.(son) have been with Venture since 2016 after both serving in the military. Obviously, it is not everyday that you spend every working hour with your pops not 4 feet away from you, but these two make it work! Doug and Justin are the epitome of respect, patience, and understanding when it comes to working together. Not even the smell of Doug’s BBQ Corn Nuts wafting through the truck could turn them against each other. This Father’s Day, the team will celebrate by relaxing at the pool, fishing, and drinking a few cold ones together. ⁠⁠
Your team takes the meaning of family to a whole new level and is representative of Venture’s greatest values. Thank you Doug and Justin for all your hard work, you both are greatly appreciated. ⁠⁠


To kick off July’s Spotlight Drivers, we would like to commemorate Tomaline L. Tomaline is a fantastic driver who has been with Venture for many years. She entered the industry after growing up watching her dad drive trucks. After working in a different field for a while, she was tired of the “rat race” and decided to start training to drive. Tomaline thanks her amazing trainer for her commitment and patience. Her trainer has now passed and Tomaline will forever be grateful for her hard work and perseverance. Tomaline is being honored this month for her flexibility, positive attitude, and loyalty to Venture. Recently, Tomaline has helped Venture begin work with reefer trucks and has been honored as May’s Safe Driver of the Month. She goes the extra mile and continually works with the operations team to get the job done! Thank you for all you do Tomaline. You are an invaluable teammate and we love working with you!


The Spotlight driver for July is Jeff W! Jeff does anything and everything here at the Indy office. After completing his master’s degree, working across many fields and leadership positions, Jeff decided it was time for a change. The monotony and negativity in other positions led him to the dynamic world of trucking. Jeff has worked at Venture for 6 years this month and works across all departments. He demonstrates an incredible work ethic across the onboarding, equipment, maintenance, and operations departments. Jeff is an incredibly essential teammate and leader at Venture. He emanates Venture culture with everything he does and there isn’t a better person to welcome new drivers to the Venture team. “That’s not my job.” simply isn’t in Jeff’s vocabulary. To new drivers, Jeff’s biggest piece of advice is to commit wholeheartedly to Venture and you will be supported at every turn. We sincerely thank you, Jeff, for everything you do and for consistently being willing to go above and beyond. You are so appreciated here in Indy! ⁠