Venture Transport Pet Policy

Post Date - Feb 4, 2022

At Venture Transport, we definitely love our fur babies! The company pet policy allows drivers to have one dog or cat that weighs less than 40 pounds. (That would be a big cat!) Animals aren’t allowed in day cabs, and they cannot be a distraction on the road. We don’t allow other pets besides cats and dogs, and the pets cannot be aggressive. We know that pets are important, and they can make a big difference in your quality of life on the road.

Pet Deposit for Company Drivers

Unfortunately, some pets (and owners) can be messy or destructive. Even well-behaved pets can shed and leave bits of dirt and cat litter in nooks and crannies. The pet deposit at Venture Transport is $300, payable in $25 weekly paycheck deductions. At least half of the deposit with be withheld to clean the truck. If there’s no pet odor and the unit is free of damage, then up to $150 may be refunded when you transfer to a new truck or leave Venture. We love our pets, but the units also need to be thoroughly cleaned for the next driver. If the pet damages equipment, then the cost of repairs may be deducted from paychecks. You can find more details about the pet deposit in the Venture Transport Pet Policy (PDF).

Animal Health and Local Laws

Another big aspect of the pet policy is agreeing to take responsibility for your pet. When your doggo takes a poop break at Venture or a customer’s property, that #2 deposit needs to be bagged and thrown in the trash, not left on the grass or (obviously, you’d think) a sidewalk. You’ll also need proof of a rabies shot or, for pets less than 3 months old, a clean bill of health from a veterinarian. You’re also responsible for obeying all Federal, State, Local, and County laws regarding pets. Get more tips for trucking with dogson our previous blog post.

Fun with Dogs and Cats

Some red tape is necessary, but we’re happy that so many drivers choose to bring their pets along for work! Each month, we celebrate different Driver Doggos on social media. Find us on Facebook for more cute pets.